About the Department


The Department of Anesthesiology, UP-PGH is steeped in a long tradition of excellence in patient care, training, education, and research. Starting as a Sub-specialty Section of the Department of Surgery in 1949 under Dr. Quintin Gomez, considered as the Father of Philippine Modern Anesthesiology, the increasing service demand for the specialty warranted its transformation into a Department in January 1981. Since then, the Department has always striven to create future leaders in the Specialty. Its alumni of the Residency and Fellowship Programs are, in fact, at the top of their field throughout the country and have occupied leadership positions in the Specialty both locally and internationally.

We provide our Residents with the best possible training in the country via a focused modular rotation/exposure in 58 Service Areas covering every surgical specialty including “out-of-OR” anesthetic procedures and the ICUs. We have fellowship programs in Pediatric Anesthesia, Thoraco-Cardiovascular Anesthesia, Neuroanesthesia, Obstetric Anesthesia, and Pain Management.

It renders services in fifty-eight (58) Service Areas of the UP-PGH. More than 2,000 anesthetics in a month are administered in 50 operating roomsand “out-of OR”units – namely, Gastro-Intestinal Clinic (GIC), Radiology, Cathlab and Cancer Institute, and Emergency Room Complex (ERC).

The department had been alternatively called the Department of Perioperative Medicine and Critical Care and Algology. As such, it is tasked with the pre-anesthetic evaluation/screening and preparation of all cases prior to surgery and procedures requiring anesthetic care.It is primarily responsible for the daily supervision and management of the Post-Anesthesia Care Units (PACUs) which render immediate post-anesthetic care for all postoperative/ post-procedural patients. Pain Management for acute and chronic pain is also provided by the Pain Management Section of the department for inpatients and outpatients of PGH. Each personnel are an integral part of the hospital “Code” (resuscitation) Team. The department is greatly involved in Extension Services via surgical missions – both in-house (PGH) and outreach sponsored and organized by the UP Ugnayan ng Pahinungod; and via Observership Programs in sub-specialty areas for DOH and Private Institutions trainees.

It also offers undergraduate courses of UPCM to LU-IV, V, VI and VII and post-residency fellowships in the various anesthesia subspecialties –Thoraco-Cardiovascular Anesthesia, Pediatrics Anesthesia, OB Anesthesia, Pain Management, and Neuroanesthesia. It is considered to be the biggest anesthesia training center in the country

As an academic unit of the UP System, the Department ranked third overall out of 108 database submissions into the Internal Academic Assessment and Development System under the Office of the UP Vice-President for Academic Affairs and first in the UPCM (out of 17 submissions) and UP Manila (out of 42 submissions).

With our ongoing commitment to excellence, we will continue to be at the forefront of the field in defining our roles as practicing anesthesiologists, intensivists, algologists, and Anesthesiology educators and researchers.